Bonan Zhao

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About me

I am starting a PhD at Bramley Lab at University of Ediburgh.

Before joinning Bramley Lab, I was a data scientist/engineer at Screen6, a Dutch adtech startup, and I did a Master of Logic (Cum Laude) at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam. I studied philosophy for my bachelor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.

I am interested in understanding how humans make sense of the world in our particular way, and how such knowledge helps computer programs learn more efficiently. I combine statistical analysis from empirical data and formal methods in modeling to approach this question.

My name is written as 赵博囡 in simplified Chinese - pronunciation in Mandarin with tones is Zhào-Bó-Nān.



  • I am a mentor at HackYourFuture, a refugee code school based in Amsterdam. I taugh Git, CLI, and Databases modules. HackYourFuture also constantly hosts women coding teasers, all women refugees are welcomed!

  • While studing at the ILLC, I was part of the Logic Tea Seminar team.

  • Here you can find a side-project I worked with Ghica & Peter van Emde Boas - mindmapping a Chinese classic Art of War by Sun Tzu.