Bonan Zhao

About me

I am a Master of Logic student at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation, University of Amsterdam, under supervision of Prof. Sonja Smets.

Before coming to Amsterdam, I did a Bachelor of Philosophy at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. My bachelor thesis is about forward induction in game theory, under supervision of Prof. Fenrong Liu and Prof. Johan van Benthem.

After completing a language track at the ILLC, I am learning about neural networks and computational cognitive modelling, which appeals to my interest in understanding rationality from an interdisciplinary perspective. My master thesis devotes to building a computational cogntive model about children’s acquisistion of logical inferences (draft coming soon), under supervision of Prof. Jakub Szymanik.

Here is my CV.

Find me at linked-in, facebook, or send an email to zbn.dale[at]

Research Interests

I am interested in understanding what it means for an agent to be rational:

  • Can we provide a rational account for seemingly irrational behaviours observed in experiments and everyday life?
  • Is logic capable of doing this?
  • What’s the difference between reasoning and computation?

I am looking forward to work with people from different backgrounds with similar interests.




Academic activities

Talks I gave:

Talks I host:

  • Dieuwke Hupkes and Sara Veldhoen, “Diagnostic classifiers: revealing how neural networks process hierarchical structure”, Logic Tea Seminar, ILLC, Nov 2016.
  • Luca Incurvati, “Is Negation in Denial?”, Logic Tea Seminar, ILLC, April 2016.
  • Julian Schloeder, “English Intonational Meaning in Context”, Logic Tea Seminar, ILLC, Oct 2015.

Conference I helped in:



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